21 January 2022 / 14:52 RU

    Russia Foreign Ministry establishes "working" contacts with new Afghan authorities

    Russia has established working contacts with Kabul’s new authorities in order to ensure security of the Russian diplomatic mission, a statement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry made public on Monday said.

    "The Russian Embassy in Kabul continues to function as usual. The working contacts with the representatives of the new authorities have been established in order to ensure security of the Russian foreign institution," the document said.

    As the Foreign Ministry noted, the Russian side is carefully monitoring the situation unfolding in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s (outlawed in Russia) rise to power "following a practically complete absence of resistance on the part of the national armed forces trained by the US and its allies."

    "According to available information, the situation in Kabul and in Afghanistan in general is stabilizing. The Taliban moved on to establish the public order, confirmed the security guarantees for local residents and foreign diplomatic missions," the Ministry pointed out. "We are urging all Afghan sides to refrain from violence and to facilitate the peaceful settlement of the situation," the Foreign Ministry concluded.


    Source - vesnikkavkaza.net


    17 August 2021 / 10:53