13 July 2024 / 19:38 RU

    State Department: U.S. to use all available tools to stop Nord Stream 2

    The Biden administration will use all available tools to try and prevent the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas-exporting pipeline, U.S. State Department Principal Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter said.

    "Broadly speaking, the administration is committed to using all available tools... to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from being completed... Our goal is to reinforce European energy security as well as to safeguard against any type of predatory behavior that Russia has demonstrated in its past actions," Porter said during a briefing.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that the Biden administration is waiving new sanctions that it imposed on a company constructing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline due to national security reasons.

    Lawmakers in the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday agreed to work on legislation to impose sanctions on vessels and entities involved in the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Sputnik reported.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that the Biden administration has waived sanctions on the Switzerland-based company Nord Stream 2 AG due to national security reasons.


    Source - vesnikavkaza.net


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