09 December 2023 / 07:28 RU

    Georgian FM meets US senators in Washingron who sent letter of concern to Georgian PM

    According to Agenda.ge, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani has met with US Senator Jim Risch, a chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Jeanne Shaheen, a ranking member of the Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation, in Washington earlier today stating that the senators ‘have very obviously seen the political will of the Georgian government to further strengthen democratic institutions in the country.’ 

    The senators sent a letter to Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia last week expressing concern over ‘recent events that indicate a backsliding from Georgia’s commitment to build the institutions of their democracy.’ 

    "We support Georgia and respect the aspirations of the Georgian people to the EU and NATO, their attitude to the US and the Euro-Atlantic partnership. We are sure the US support to Georgia will continue,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry has cited the senators as saying. 

    Zalkaliani said that it was a ‘very good meeting which one again confirmed the US-Georgia strategic partnership.’

    "It was a sincere talk between allies and strategic partners. I once again confirmed Georgia’s support to the US and they, for their part, expressed support for the strategic partnership,” Zalkaliani said. 


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