24 April 2024 / 02:03 RU

    Georgian businessman Levan Vasadze enters politics

    Georgian businessman Levan Vasadze has announced his plans to enter politics. 

    Vasadze received an education in the U.S. and Russia and spent his earlier years in the two countries. He has been living in Georgia with his family since 2009. 

    Vasadze said that initially he will found a civic movement which will later change into a political party. 

    He said that entering politics was a ‘very hard decision’ for him. However, ‘political, economic, cultural, social and ideological crisis’ pushed him to do so.

    "The last drop was the recent signing of the EU-mediated document by Christian Danielsson by Georgian political parties which allowed the release of criminals and pointed at a decrease of state sovereignty," Agenda.ge cited Vasadze as saying.


    Source - vestnikkavkaza.net


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