19 April 2024 / 03:41 RU

    Kazakhstan’s trading house to open doors in Azerbaijan

    Kazakhstan's trading house will open doors in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, to boost two-way trade, expand investment and trade ties, Kazinform reports. Azerbaijani businessman and general director of the trading house Rufat Rzayev says given the untapped potential of economic ties between Baku and Nur-Sultan it seems like a promising idea. Plus, according to him, Azerbaijan already has its trading house in the Kazakh capital. The opening of the trading house will give Kazakhstan a chance to showcase its food and agricultural products to Azerbaijani consumers. Rzayev noted that the Azerbaijani side is keen to assist and consult Kazakhstani enterprises in terms of business climate and investment projects in Azerbaijan. The trading house will carry out work on mapping out proposals and recommendations on the elimination of trade barriers and doing business in both countries. «Kazakhstan’s trading house will serve as a dialogue platform for business circles of the two nations; it will host presentations of goods and services, exhibitions and business meetings, and so on,» Rzayev added. The idea to open the trading house had been put forward before the coronavirus pandemic and only after the strict quarantine was lifted the sides were able to turn it into reality. After the direct air communication between Baku and Nur-Sultan is restored, the Kazakhstani delegation will visit Azerbaijan to make further steps and launch the trading house. Rzayev said in conclusion that Kazakhstan’s trading house can help promote bilateral projects in the sphere of culture, arts, tourism, youth, and sports in the future.


    21 September 2020 / 13:23