24 April 2024 / 02:47 RU

    Pashinyan: 1-2 dozen airlines will resume regular flights to Armenia in September

    Yes, this is a crisis, an epidemiological situation, and sometimes there is an impression that there is such a situation only in Armenia. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this Thursday at the Cabinet session of the government.

    "Today, the circulation toward the CIS countries is completely closed. If we talk about Russia, the circulation is closed with almost all countries, there are some exceptions. We already now believe that the situation allows us to discuss this issue within the framework of the EEU and try to determine how and with what timeframe we will get out of this situation. We have already initiated such a discussion within the EEU format," he said.

    And referring to passenger traffic and reopening of borders, the Armenian PM said: "We have been planning that since mid-September, as far as I understand, the Civil Aviation Committee has been collecting applications so we can find out which airlines are going to resume flights to Armenia. As far as I understand, one or two dozen airlines will resume regular flights to Armenia already in September."


    10 September 2020 / 12:57