24 May 2024 / 01:51 RU

    Condoleezza Rice: Georgia Should Build its Own Democracy

    The former State Secretary Condoleezza Rice said that Georgia should build its own democracy and economy in order to cope with difficult international circumstances, while the international community can only assist in this process.

    "Everything starts with good governance at home," she pointed out. 

    According to Georgia Today, Rice commented on the matter at Aspen Security Forum in response to the VOA's question with regard to how Georgia should cope with growing Russian aggression 12 years after the Russian invasion of Georgia.

    "First, let me just say that as I said to the Georgians and at that time to Ukrainians, the international circumstances may not be very propitious. But you have to build your own country, have to build your own democracy, have to build your own economy. You have to have the right rules and laws for economic development and the international system can help, but it starts with good governance at home. Georgian democracy has had its ups and downs. But It's survived and I think that's a good sign", she stated.

    Rice also noted that it's important to identify where to deter Vladimir Putin.

    "Where Putin needs to be deterred, you have to deter him. It's one of the reasons why I think if we're going to move forces out of Germany, moving them into further east is a good idea. Because the truth of the matter is we've never actually just been dependent on what President says to deter even the Soviet Union.

    It was American soldiers who were in arms way in Germany that deterred the Soviet Union. I think we can do more in NATO to deter and I think we can do more to help countries that are facing the threat from Russia," stressed Rice.

    The second issue addressed by the former Secretary of State was the growing dissatisfaction of the Russian people, as evidenced by the ongoing mass protests in Khabarovsk. Rice says there are many people in Russia who share Western values. "We need a very nuanced approach towards the Russian people and we need to encourage those who want to see a different Russia," she said.


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