24 April 2024 / 02:18 RU

    Abkhazia again closes crossing point to Georgian side

    According to JAM News, for exactly one week, from May 26 to June 2, the  checkpoint on the Ingur bridge from Abkhazia to Georgia was opened, and now it is again closed.

    Abkhazia has significantly softened the quarantine regime within the republic due to the coronavirus pandemic, but crossing points to the Russian and Georgian sides have remained closed since the beginning of March.

    The state of emergency has been extended until June 15.

    The authorities of Abkhazia announced one week ago that the crossing point would be open only  temporarily, so as to allow residents of Abkhazia to return home.  

    Basically, this means people who underwent treatment in Georgian clinics.

    532 people returned home this week.

    By June 3, 28 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Abkhazia.  Of these, 23 people recovered, one 95-year-old woman died.

    According to official information, from 70 to 100 people are tested every day for COVID-19 in Abkhazia.


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